Multi Positioning Seat

The Special Tomato® Multi-Positioning Seat (MPS) with Mobile Floor Kit is a soft, lightweight, durable seating system on a mobile wooden indoor base suitable for children with moderate postural needs.

The modular seating cushions allow for individual adjustment and years of growth. The back and headrest cushions move up and down using a hoop and lock (Velcro-type) track, while the seat base cushion is easily replaced by an extended cushion as your child grows. Attachment straps mean that the seat can be removed from the mobile base and attached to standard chairs at home, at school or in the community, instantly bringing your child up to table level.

The seamless, latex-free cushions are peel, bite and tear resistant, impermeable to fluids, soft yet durable. They are supported by an outer shell which maintains the child’s positioning. The cushion material can with stand cracking, is anti-microbial and cleans easily with common disinfectants. The seat base cushion has a total of 30° of adjustment at the hips giving 15° of hip flexion or 15° of hip extension which allows the pelvis to be properly aligned. In addition, the mobile base includes a tilt-in-space feature.


Multi Positioning Seat

Technical details

Sales Codes  
MPS with wood mobile floor kit ST-MPS-01 ST-MPS-02
MPS tray (chocolate only) ST-MPS-03 ST-MPS-04
Lateral support headrest ST-MPS-05 ST-MPS-08
Standard headrest ST-MPS-07 ST-MPS-06
Extended Seat Cushion ST-MPS-09 ST-MPS-10
Special Tomato™ Multi Positioning Seat (MPS)      
  Small MPS   Large MPS
  Regular Seat Cushion Extended Seat Cushion Regular Seat Cushion Extended Seat cushion
Target user age 2-5 Yrs 5-8 Yrs 8-11 Yrs 11-14 Yrs
Target user height 762mm-1270mm (30"-50") 1219mm-1524mm (48"-60")
Maximum user weight 36kg (80lbs) 68kg (150lbs)
Seat weight 11.8kg (26lbs) 12.2kg (27lbs) 14.1kg (31lbs) 15.0kg (33lbs)
Seat and base weight 18kg (40lbs) 19kg (42lbs) 20kg (44lbs) 21kg (46lbs)
Seat width 229mm (9") 254mm (10") 305mm (12") 330mm (13")
Seat depth 203mm (8") 254mm (10") 330mm (13") 381mm (15")
Seat to footrest 152mm-406mm (6"-8") 279-406mm(11"-16")
Top of back cushion 381-508mm (15"-20") 483mm-559 (19"-22")
Top of head cushion 533-660mm (21"-26") 660mm-762mm (26"-30")
Seat back angle -15° to +15° -15° to +15°
Tilt-in-space 10° to 25° 10° to 25°
Overall product dimensions
(seat and base combined)
43mm x 940mm x 940mm
19" x 37" x 37"

559mm x 1041mm x 1067mm
22" x 41 x 42"

Optional activity tray 610mm x 432mm x 50mm
24" x 18" x 2"
Tray adjustment 60°