The Special Tomato® Soft-Touch™ Liners provide comfortable support for children with mild to moderate postural needs in a range of everyday environments.

Lightweight and portable, they can be attached to the Special Tomato® eio Push Chair and Special Tomato® Jogger (Sizes 1 and 2 Liners only), as well as high chairs, dining room and restaurant chairs and classroom seats. The contoured back and seat with built-in pommel promote good posture while the Soft-Touch™ material provides optimal comfort. Made of latex-free seamless material, they are peel, bite and tear resistant, impermeable to fluids and durable, yet soft. They withstand cracking, are anti-microbial and easily cleaned with common disinfectants.



Technical details

Special Tomato™ Soft-Touch™ Liners          
  Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Seat cushion inner dimensions 200mm (W) 8" (W) 250mm (W) 10" (W) 305mm (W) 12" (W)
  200mm (D) 8" (D) 250mm (D) 10" (D) 305mm (D) 12" (D)
  88mm (H) 3.5" (H) 100mm (H) 4" (D) 113mm (H) 4.5" (H)
Seat cushion outer dimensions 280mm (W) 11" (W) 305mm (w) 12" (W) 360mm (W) 14"(W)
  270mm (D) 10.5" (D) 330mm (D) 13" (D) 380mm (W) 15" (D)
  88mm (H) 3.5" (H) 100mm (H) 4" (H) 113mm(H) 4.5" (H)
Back cushion inner dimensions 188mm (W) 7.5" (W) 213mm (W) 8.5"(W) 250mm (H) 10" (W)
  250mm (H) 10" (H) 338mm (H) 13.5" (H) 363mm (H) 14.5" (H)
Back cushion outer dimensions 270mm(W) 10.5" (W) 313mm(W) 12.25"(W) 335mm(W) 13.25" (W)
Weight of seat cushion 0.68kg 1.5lb 0.91kg 2lb 1.13kg 2.5lb
Weight of back cushion 0.68kg 1.5lb 0.91kg 2lb 1.13kg 2.5lb
Sales Codes Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Chocolate seat cushion ST-LIN-01 ST-LIN-02 ST-LIN-03
Chocolate back cushion ST-LIN-04 ST-LIN-05 ST-LIN-06
Cherry seat cushion ST-LIN-07 ST-LIN-08 ST-LIN-09
Cherry back cushion ST-LIN-10 ST-LIN-11 ST-LIN-12