Rolls and Wedges

The soft yet durable Special Tomato® Soft-Touch™ Therapy Rolls and Wedges are an excellent physiotherapy too land can be used at home, in school and during therapy.

The unique Soft-Touch™ material, which is seamless and latex-free, makes the rolls and wedges peel, bite and tear resistant, impermeable to fluids and able to withstand cracking. The material contains an anti-microbial agent and can be easily cleaned with common disinfectants. They have been designed to last during long periods of use by several children and adults.


Technical details

Rolls Wedges
· Great for postural therapy, balance and co-ordination exercises, flexion, extension and neuro-development activities
· Can be used to work on dynamic balance and improving core stability 
· Can be used as a positioning tool during therapy sessions
· Wide range of sizes available
· Soft to the touch but have a solid inner core (except rolls of 102mm and 76mm diameter) to provide a comfortable but firm therapy platform 
· Stable enough to be stored on their ends when not in use
· Handle for easy control or carrying
· Not suitable for use in water
· Ideal for adaptive positioning, balance and muscle control
· Recommended for fine and gross motor activities, along with dynamic movement patterns
· Good for strengthening trunk extensors
· Can be used in exercises to improve head control
· Easy positioning of the child during therapy sessions
· Available in 2 widths
· Soft to the touch
· Stable enough to be stored on their ends when not in use
· Inset handle for easy carrying
· Not suitable for use in water
Special Tomato™ Soft-Touch™ Therapy Rolls and Wedges      
  Product Dimensions   Sales Codes
Soft-Touch™ Therapy Rolls (Aqua) 102mm x 610mm 4" x 24" ST-ROL-01
  152mm x 610mm 6" x 24" ST-ROL-01
  203mm x 610mm 8" x 24" ST-ROL-03
  203mm x 914mm 8" x 36" ST-ROL-04
  254mm x 914mm 10 x 36" ST-ROL-05
  305mm x 914 mm 12 x 36" ST-ROL-06
  305mm x 1219mm 12" x 48" ST-ROL-07
  355mm x 1219mm 14 x 48" ST-ROL-08
  406mm x 1219mm 16"x 48" ST-ROL-09
  76mm x 203mm 3"x 8" ST-ROL-10
Soft-Touch™ Therapy Wedges (Aqua) 102mm x 508mm x 560mm 4" x 20" x 22" ST-WED-01
  152mm x 508mm x 560mm 6" x 20" x 22" ST-WED-02
  203mm x 508mm x 560mm 8" x 20" x 22" ST-WED-03
  152mm x 610mm x 711mm 6" x 24" x 28" ST-WED-04
  203mm x 610mm x 711mm 8" x 24" x 28" ST-WED-05
  254mm x 508mm x 560mm 10" x 20" x 22" ST-WED-06
  254mm x 610mm x 711mm 10" x 24" x 28" ST-WED-07
  305mm x 610mm x 711mm 12 x 24" 28" ST-WED-08